3 Go-To Pieces for Your Wardrobe

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Happy Monday from LA Miller!

Choosing the right outfit everyday can be hard! We all have our favorite go-to pieces for those manic mornings when we have "nothing to wear."

Here are our 3 go-to picks!

Graphic Tee:


A graphic tee is the perfect comfy and casual piece to have in your closet. It can be layered or just simply worn as is. We love our new "coffee please" tee at LA Miller, it's got those Monday vibes.

Denim Jacket:


Denim jackets are great through all seasons and they are super easy to style. You can layer over graphic tees, sweaters or even dresses. This piece is a definite go-to for all styles!

Chic Layering Piece:


This trench coat styled cover up is totally chic and it's versatile! Layering pieces, like this one, are perfect for spring and transitioning from winter. We absolutely love this new arrival and it will for sure be our new go-to for layering.

What are some of your favorite go-to pieces?

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