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Basics Fashion Style

Bold fashion pieces that really make a statement are always fun to play with, but sometimes we need to highlight the beauty of the basics in our closet. 

Fashion was born on the basic essentials of the wardrobe. Street style to everyday wear, starts with some basic piece. Black bralettes, classic denim jeans and a plain white tees are some of the core pieces to our beautiful fashion world.

In order to build the perfect outfit, you must start with the basics. 


LA Miller is known for our unique approach to style and fashion, however, we still appreciate the basics of our store. A popular trend, especially during colder months, is layering. This style is based of basic pieces. You must start with a simple look and build off it. Starting with basic denim bottoms or a solid top are the first steps to creating a chic layered look.

The Basic Must-Have's:

A striped long sleeve shirt: Whether it's a loose fitted tee or a turtle neck, the stripe shirt is a classic piece that must be in your closet.

Classic denim jeans: A pair of classic denim jeans imperative to creating any stylish outfit. Jeans are not only timeless, but they are flattering.

Black bralette: Bralettes have become a staple piece to the modern day fashionista. They are great for layering and showing off, as well as working as a cozy lounging piece.

A white tee: The white tee shirt is the ultimate basic to add to your wardrobe. It can be casual, cozy, edgy...really whatever you want! 

Black jeans: Black jeans are another important piece needed to build your perfect wardrobe. They can be dressed up or made super casual, the choice is yours!

Denim jacket: last but certainly not least, the good 'ole denim jacket. This staple piece is timeless through all seasons and it's super versatile. 

Some of these items above are available in our online store or you can find them in-store at LA Miller. 

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