Final Looks for Winter

Before we completely say good-bye to winter fashion, let's highlight a few of our final favorite winter looks you can still pick up at LA Miller.

These items are completely cozy and cute. We're definitely ready for warmer days, but who doesn't love winter fashion? Sweaters all day!

Waffle Knitted Sweater:

This sweater is loose fitted with button details on the front. The positive about this piece is that it can be a transition piece for spring. You can simply unbutton the front and layer it on a chilly spring day. The light color is also super versatile!


Green Ruffled Sleeve Sweater:

This is another favorite piece we still have in-store and online. This sweater is not only cozy but super fashionable. The ruffle look is on-trend. This color is easy to transition into your spring look too!

Cute & Comfy Crewneck:

This sweatshirt was featured in our wishlist back in December. It is a really versatile sweater because you can wear it with an athleisure look or with a more trendy look. Plus, it has a tied detail on the back!

Shop the final looks of winter at LA Miller, online or in-store.


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