If it isn’t neon, platform, beaded or have some sort of smart-ass one liner we don’t want it. 

Ok…ok that might be extreme but for reals we are all about trendy, wearable styles especially in the summer. We want you to feel good and look good in these hot summer months ahead. 

Our top trends for clothing are 100% the active skort and active dress. We will be wearing them on repeat, all day – everyday. WHY?.....because they rock our world and will do the same for you. They are SOOO wearable and SOOO on trend. Pair them with some cute sneakers or slides and you are good to go.

Next trend that we can’t resist is the platform sandal. Yes, the 90’s platform is back and we are not upset at all. We are actually obsessed…the bigger the better. (platform of course) Our go-to brand is All Black and they have perfected this look.

When it comes to our go-to jewelry this season it is the beaded earring hands down…and when we say beaded earring we mean a vodka bottle made out of beads hanging from your ear…😊...truth.

Any time of the year we are down for a good graphic tee or sweatshirt….it HAS to have a witty saying or encourage bevvies with your girls. 

Finally, we are all about COLOR this summer!!! Bright, neon, bold….we want it all!!! Step out of those neutral colors ladies and live your best life. 

Cheers to summer 2022….we’re coming for you, and we look good.

LA Miller


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