Meet The Team



Hometown: Lowell Red Arrows

Family: Joshy, Gabbers, and Sofia Rosie
Self-appointed LA Miller title: HBIC
Starbucks order: Venti Iced Americano, Black.
Can’t live without: My Running Shoes & Wine Glass 🍷

Fav thing about owning a small biz: My girl gang is the best gang around. Love them all and our AMAZING customers!
Currently Obsessed with: My Chair
Personal Theme Song: Way to Sexy, Drake



Hometown:Belmont, MI

Family:Hubby Spencer, Olivia, Ryer and Baylor

Self-appointed LA Miller title:Resident Brand Invigorater

Starbucks order: Iced Oatmilk Honey Latte

Can’t live without: Malbec & Burger Shack Fries w/ Queso

Fav thing about working for a small biz:We are like a family, we can bounce ideas off each other and then it’s amazing seeing our ideas come to life

Currently Obsessed with: In The Heights

Personal Hype Song:Rumors-Lizzo/Cardi B


Valeri PA-C


Hometown: Spencer, Massachusetts 

Family: Kendall, Julianna, Freshta, Zakira, Lucille, Bissell, Fynn 

Self-appointed LA Miller title: The Botox Lady 

Starbucks order: Skinny ice chai 

Can’t live without: SPF and retinol 

Fav thing about working for a small biz: The local people who support us! 

Currently Obsessed with: The usual… birds, butterflies, swimming…anything nature 

Personal Hype Song: Eye of the Tiger



 Hometown: Rockford 

Family: Theo, Leah and Luna

Self-appointed LA Miller title: Stylist/Creator

Starbucks order: Vanilla cold brew with sweet cream cold foam However I don’t get Starbucks hardly ever I love our local coffee shops!

Can’t live without: Workouts, caffeine & family

Fav thing about working for a small business: The passion behind them & knowing your helping someone’s dream

Currently Obsessed with: Bucked energy drinks 

Personal Theme Song: Harder than my demons - Big Sean 🤷🏽‍♀️



Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Family: Kevin, Emmerson, Ellyott, Eden, Enya
Self-appointed LA Miller title:
Beauty Operator
Starbucks order:
Can’t live without: health and fitness
Fav thing about working for a small biz:
Being inserted in the community with a small tribe of strong women.
Currently Obsessed with: Health & Wellness

Personal Theme Song: Gonna Fly Now-Bill Conti (Rocky Theme song)




Hometown: Shelby Twp, MI

Family: Daniel 👩‍❤️‍👨, Phil 🐾,Mom 💖, Sarah 👯‍♀️, Ray 🐱

Self-appointed LA Miller title: The Shake & Tea Girl 🥤

Starbucks order: Same as Bri! The go to is my Herbalife protein coffee — caramel macchiato (with fat reduction creamer + cinnamon on top)!! 😍 Try it out from our neighbors at Nourish Nutrition, and let ‘em know I sent ya!

Can’t live without: shakes, tea, yoga, travel and adventure

 Fav thing about working for a small biz: Small town, big heart! 💜 Community, vision, and passion projects. I love women supporting each other and their dreams!

Currently Obsessed with: The changing on the seasons 🍁